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Quite obviously. 


Flake Lorenz: blonde and beautiful




Doktor Lorenz

Mittlerweile, Flake: 

RS: How big a risk is it, that the music will become too overshadowed by the show itself?

Lorenz: I think about this sometimes, but only briefly. As a spectator, I would enjoy all this spectacle. When it comes to other bands, you really have to be a hard-core fan to be content with looking at a couple of guys in jeans and t-shirts playing through their set list for two hours.

What do you think? Are there too many circus acts in the Rammstein shows, or not enough?

Source: rollingstone.de Full English translation: rammstein.us 

Pic credit: Morka. Bercy, Frankreich, 2012. 

England, London O2 Arena, 2012. 

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